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Drip Irrigation Project in Esirisia and Bukalama Villages, Busia County, Kenya

Empowering Farmers and Eradicating Poverty

The Project has so far achieved


  • Recruited 20 local farmers – half from Esirisia village and the other half from Bukalama village, Busia county
  • 5000m2 of land currently placed under irrigation from the pilot (each plot is 250m2)
  • Women and youth represent 35% and 30% respectively of the local farmers selected for the pilot
  • 100 beneficiaries impacted by the pilot
  • Farmers yields have increased by 35% due to irrigation systems
  • Distribution and installation of 20 micro-irrigation systems
  • Conducted four practical trainings to support farmers at the various stages of crop maturity: nursery, irrigation installation & transplanting; market facilitation